Benefits Of Testosterone

The production of testosterone increases almost 30 times more when one is an adolescent and a young adult. The levels usually drop annually. After age thirty, your body might experience a one percent decrease each year.

Testosterone plays a critical role in:

  • Facial and pubic hair
  • Sex drive
  • Verbal memory and thinking ability
  • Muscle mass and bones
  • Mood and quality of life
  • Body's development of a deeper voice
Benefits Of Testosterone
Benefits Of Testosterone

If you feel that you are suffering from testosterone deficiency, contact your doctor and explain your symptoms. Usually, testosterone levels decrease as one grows older, especially past 45 years old. Some symptoms like erectile dysfunction, increased body fat and decreased muscle mass might also be as a result of another underlying condition.

If the doctor concludes that you have low testosterone levels through hormonal tests, consider boosting your testosterone levels. Those who have normal levels of testosterone do not require taking supplements since doing so will not yield additional results. The benefits stated below have been experienced in people who have low testosterone levels.

Why should one boost the testosterone levels?

Benefits Of Boosting Testosterone Levels
Benefits Of Boosting Testosterone Levels

1. Less fat, more muscle

Testosterone has been directly linked to enhanced body mass. People who have lean bodies tend to have more control over their weight and also have more energy. Research on administration of testosterone treatments on men who had low T hormone levels showed that the therapy reduced their fat mass and increased their muscle strength and size. You are likely to experience optimum results if you combine the testosterone supplements with exercise and strength training.

2. Enhanced libido

Testosterone levels usually "rise to the occasion" during sexual arousal and activity. That is why men who have optimum testosterone levels enjoy sexual activities. Older men will require testosterone supplements for them to spike and maintain their libido. You ought to note that besides imbalanced testosterone levels; there are other factors that can cause low libido. Studies have indicated that there is maximum testosterone limit, beyond which there is no significant increased response.

3. Healthy blood and heart

Oxygen is one of the vital elements required for human survival. A healthy heart will pump oxygenated blood to other body organs as well as the muscles. Testosterone works with the bone marrow to aid in red blood cells production. That is why some people who suffer from cardiovascular disease have low testosterone levels, implying that there is a direct relationship between the two.

Results on whether testosterone replacement can help manage heart diseases have had mixed results. A few of these researches concluded that men who underwent testosterone enhancement showed minor improvements. Some of these men experienced a 33 percent increase in their walking distance. Another research showed that the therapy only broadened the arteries but did not affect angina pain in any way.

Another research that has only been concluded recently found that out of the 83,000 men who went through the therapy, 24 percent of them had reduced chances of heart attack. 36 percent of these were found to be less prone to stroke.

4. Stronger bones

Testosterone plays a critical role in increasing mineral bone density. Bone density usually decreases in men as they age, and so does their testosterone level. Without strong bones, you do not have any support for your internal organs and muscles. Therefore, strong bones are important for athletes.

Various studies have indicated that testosterone does not only improve the hip bone intensity but also strengthens the spine. Another study that examined the transformation of men to women proved that testosterone helps increase bone mineral intensity. However, no study has confirmed whether testosterone reduces fracture risk or not.

5. Enhanced mood

Low levels of testosterone have been linked to poor quality of life. Irritability, depression and fatigue are some of the common symptoms of low testosterone levels. However, some studies seem to blame this symptom on hypogonadism. It could be true since men who experience normal and gradual testosterone decrease do not show any signs of depression or mood fluctuations.

The effects of testosterone replacement therapy on men's mood vary. Some studies have stated that testosterone replacement therapy can be an idea; anti-depressive treatment.

6. Improved mathematical reasoning, spatial abilities and verbal memory

Research has indicated that men who have higher testosterone levels are less susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. There is also solid evidence that shows a strong link between thinking abilities and testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy on men between age 34 and 70 has been shown to increase their spatial memory significantly. 

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