Testosterone Boosting Foods
Testosterone Boosting Foods

The condition associated with low testosterone levels is known as hypogonadism. Little T is a medical condition that is treatable using appropriate medication. Besides the doctor's prescription, there are some testosterone-boosting foods that you can use to complement the medicine. Most of the effective natural T boosters have two crucial nutrients- zinc and vitamin D.

Foods That Boost Testosterone

What you should eat for higher T levels

Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for masculinity in men. Many know it for its influence on sex drive in men, but it influences other factions such as muscle strength, hair growth, and mood. Testosterone production reduces with age, but also chronic illnesses can cause its decrease.

Increased Testosterone Through Food
Increased Testosterone Through Food

Boost Your Testosterone Levels With These 12 Super Foods

1. Egg yolks

Egg yolks are more nutritious than egg whites; since they are endowed with vitamin D. You might be probably wondering whether the cholesterol in the eggs will not have any adverse effects. On the brighter side, the cholesterol in the yolk can also promote testosterone production. You can eat an egg daily so long as you do not have any cholesterol issues.

2. Tuna

Those who cannot eat eggs will find large amounts of vitamin D in tuna. It is also heart-friendly because it has low calories. The protein-rich meal will be beneficial to your health regardless of whether it is fresh or canned. A serving of tuna daily will fulfill your vitamin D requirements. If you do not like tuna, consider taking other fishy vitamin D sources such as sardines and salmons. However, you must remember to eat in moderation. Consider taking 2-3 servings of the fish to regulate your mercy intake, since mercury is found in seafood.

3. Fortified cereals

How about starting your day with a rich vitamin D source? Some cereal brands are fortified with vitamin D alongside other heart-friendly nutrients. You can check the nutrient profile of cereals before purchasing it so that you can jump-start your day with a testosterone booster.

4. Low-fat milk

Milk is rich in calcium and protein. Women and children are encouraged to drink milk regularly to strengthen their bones. Although most men are not into milk, taking this healthy drink could not only keep their bones strong but also maintain high levels of testosterone. When buying milk, go for the brand that is fortified with vitamin D. Also; go for skimmed or low-fat versions. They contain the same nutrients like those found in whole milk, but now without the unhealthy saturated fat.

5. Oysters

Oysters contain zinc, which is a crucial nutrient, especially during puberty. Its effects are essential in keeping male hormones during adulthood. Men who suffer low testosterone have a zinc deficiency.

6. Beef

Red meat has been criminalized in the past years because of its relationship to cancers such as colon cancer. It also has more fat than the counterpart white meat. Amidst all this, beef cuts are known sources of zinc and vitamin D that can enhance testosterone levels. Beef liver is rich in vitamin D, while chuck roast and ground beef contain zinc. To keep your health in check, always eat lean beef cuts.

7. Garlic

Garlic cloves do not only flavor meals but also boost testosterone levels. This is because they contain a compound called diallyl-disulfide. The compound promotes the production of a hormone that is critical in the production of testosterone.

8. Shellfish

Eating lobsters or crabs is vital in raising your testosterone levels. That is because of its high zinc content that is in the seafood. For instance, the Alaskan king crab offers 4 percent of a person's daily zinc value in only a 3-ounce serving.

9. Beans

When it comes to boosting testosterone levels, beans provide more benefits than you could ever imagine. Black, kidney and white beans are among the leading sources of zinc, and vitamin D. baked beans can also offer these benefits, although you might require additional sources to your diet.


The leafy green vegetable is loaded with magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that promotes reproductive health and muscle development. Research has indicated that magnesium raises the levels of total and free testosterone in both active and non-active individuals.

11.Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli are anti-estrogenic foods. That is because they produce a compound known as indole-3 carbinole. The compound is converted to di-indollyl methane (DIM), which is responsible for the conversion of estrogen into other safer kinds. The result is the availability of the right levels of free T. Free testosterone binds readily to androgen receptors thus reducing fat, building muscles, enhancing your performance at the gym and boosting libido.


If you want to boost your testosterone levels, consider piling up your plate with mushrooms. They are vital in preventing the production of aromatase enzyme which is essential for the conversion of androgen to estrogen. That way, it inhibits the binding of free T to androgen receptors. 

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