Physical Signs Of High Testosterone

Signs Of High Testosterone
Signs Of High Testosterone

Anytime a man is experiencing high levels of testosterone, there are usually visible signs and symptoms that indicate the levels are very high. Because the main male hormone is testosterone, there are some physical and emotional traits that show strong.

With that being said, here are 6 physical signs that indicate that a male has high testosterone levels in their body.

Man With High Testosterone
Man With High Testosterone

#1 - Facial and Body Hair Growth

Everyone knows that lots of facial hair is a trait of a man since they are known for growing mustaches and beards. In fact, facial hair is a fundamental sign that testosterone levels are high. Specifically, since one of the first signs that a young boy is quickly turning into an adult man is the growth of facial hair.

Also, the levels of testosterone can be can explained in a number of different ways. One, in particular, addresses the most potent form, which is called DHT or dihydrotestestorsterone. DHT is also a good indicator of how the body is affected since if there is no DHT, there will be no beard or hair on the body.

#2 - Deep Voice and a Big Adams Apple

There are other key signs and symptoms of high levels of testosterone in the body, and they are the deepened voice and the big adams apple. As the growth stages of puberty begins, the voice changes and the adams apple begin to grow much larger in size as well in strength. In fact, when the levels are very high, the adams apple is normally described as a protruded adams apple since it easy be seen in the neck.

Women do not have an adams apple at all since they do not have enough androgens to produce one. However, based on medical science and their capability to change the body's form with artificial means, women can only have an adam's apple when they have undergone testosterone injections.

#3 - Defined and Strong Jawline

Bone density and growth have also been linked to high more potent levels of high testosterone. Therefore, when people see men who have a much wider jawline that create sharp edges, this is normally as a result of higher levels of testosterone. So, it is not by chance that the way many scientists distinguish male images from female images is the use of wider and more angular jawbone structures. For further proof that the higher levels of testosterone exist in the form of more defined strong jawlines, everyone can follow the activities of those in professional sports. For example, many of the more noteworthy images can be seen in the Big league professional games like the NBA, NHL, MLB, and the NFl. This is because it is easy to spot and identify in these athletes since the growth pattern is normally defined in several inches more for these players.

#4 - Wide Shoulders

Similar to other areas of the body that has to mature quicker due to high levels of testosterone, men with higher levels have wider shoulders are too. This is because these levels will automatically affect the griddle in the shoulders in a manner that results up in the muscles and bones being much denser. Also, with much more protein synthesis occurring inside of these muscles, the shoulders will become much dense, stronger and wider. Therefore, the signs of high testosterone can easily be identified when people notice very wide shoulders.

#5. The length of the Ring Finger

There are other physical signs of high testosterone that affect other areas of the body and its growth. According to scientists, the ring finger is another visible sign of having more testosterone in the male body. WIth these studies, the scientists have surmised that the position in the womb helps to dictate the level testosterone in the male body. For instance, if the levels of testosterone was low in his mother's womb, the signs are indicated by the male's ring finger, especially when the ring finger is longer than his pointer finger.

6. Male Pattern Baldness and physical signs of high testosterone

In some men, hair loss can also indicate that there are signs of high testosterone levels. Therefore, when men are dealing with male pattern baldness, they may find that the high levels of testosterone in the body is controlling these factors. For instance, when the hair begins to fall out it is normally because the follicles of the hair have been combined with DHT. 

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