Foods That Kill Testosterone

Stay Away From These Foods If You Want Higher T

Foods That Lower Testosterone
Foods That Lower Testosterone


They have been often preferred to other food because of their delicious taste and convenience. However, snacks such as chocolate bars, cookies, and cakes have high sugar and carbohydrate content that can raise blood sugar levels instantly. Although it takes a lot of effort and willpower to kick these junkies out of your diet, it is worthwhile. Instead of these unhealthy delicacies, consider eating healthy snacks such as nuts, raw vegies and dark chocolate, as they can increase male libido significantly.

Alcohol Lowers Testosterone
Alcohol Lowers Testosterone


There is a direct relationship between taking in excessive amounts of alcohol and low testosterone levels. By quitting irresponsible drinking, you are doing away will sex-related issues. Taking this bold step will see you and your partner enjoy amazing sex. It is also recommended that you avoid drinking mixed juices since they tend to have high sugar content that can spike weight gain.


The meal is high in carbohydrates, which means it has lots of calories also. Although our bodies thrive on carbohydrates and can burn them at a high rate, the truth is that it is not possible to run a race after eating a bowl of starch. Consequently, it implies that you barely have the opportunity to shed off the carbohydrates. If you do not need the extra carbs, avoid eating pasta since it will only be stored as fat.

Chicken wings and nachos

I know you are most likely craving for this plate of delicacy. Deep fried chicken wings contain a lot of cholesterol that leads to excess weight. Also, nachos are high in carbohydrate content thus are not healthy in regards to weight gain.

Ice cream

The tasty treat is packed with extra calories and excess sugar. Therefore, it is not a healthy food choice for those who take deep consideration in what they ingest. Ice cream might also cause increased fatigue and migraines when consumed in high amounts. If you want to snack on a frozen foodstuff, consider a tin of plain yogurt.

Breakfast cookies and biscuits

Both are considered to include high levels of Trans fats, since they undergo intensive processing. These kinds of food alter hormonal levels in the body such as testosterone. Choosing to change your breakfast menu to something that is healthier will ensure your testosterone levels remain at an optimum.

Low fat diet

Not all fat is bad. Some fat is actually essential for the production of hormone testosterone. Therefore, eating the recommended diet will not only lead to increased sex drive but also enhance your overall well-being. Research has shown that low testosterone levels are associated with low fat diet. The reason for this concept is that excessive sugar in the diet aids in lowering testosterone hormone levels. Many low fat diets also trade in fat for their carbohydrates.

Sugar From Soda Lowers Testosterone
Sugar From Soda Lowers Testosterone

Sugary Soda

Soft drinks, despite their popularity, are filled with excessive sugar and thus are a major contributor to obesity. The liquid as well as the bottles that are used for packing the drink might have detrimental effects on your health.


It is a kind of an alcoholic drink that contains lots of carbohydrates and calories, both of which are very bad for men. The hops in which bear is made are estrogenic, as it contains about 300,000 IUs for every 100g hops.

Whole Grains Can Lower Testosterone Levels
Whole Grains Can Lower Testosterone Levels

Whole grains 

Although they are considered healthy, whole grains can have detrimental effects. Gluten, a compound that is found in whole grains, increases prolactin levels while decreasing testosterone levels. Fiber rich diet might also lower testosterone levels. Also, most grains remove the essential minerals from the system.


It is widely recognized omega-3 source. However, the seeds do not contain enough elements to fight out the effect of low testosterone levels. The flax seeds contain a compound known as lignans that resemble estrogen while in the body. The amount of lignans in flax seeds is considered to be higher than that which is in soybeans. If you use flax seeds as your omega-3 sources then you start experiencing symptoms related to low testosterone, it could be the flax.

Beans and other legumes

This food category is called the estrogenic activity. For instance, the lima bean contains a compound called phytoestrognic fiber. Research has shown that this compound can lower the levels of hormone testosterone.


While the great pizza down the street is delicious and you cannot wait to have a bite, you could be as well taking a poisonous bite. The dairy product might interfere with the body's ability to produce testosterone.

Fast food

Some businesses sell low grade meals to unaware clients. Also, most food are greasy and might lead to weight gain and consequently low testosterone levels. 

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